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My Story - Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

 "She has fire, but filtered in such a way that it is warmth and light."
I dedicated my life to being a stay at home mom to my boys, working to provide the foundation for them to find their paths in life.  So, when they began attending school full time, I was left to take a chance doing the same for myself, to explore more about what drove my own creative spirit. With Danaca Design Studio in Seattle, I began to study the art of silversmithing.  I quickly fell in love with the restorative processes of working with metal.  I was inspired by the way metal can be exposed to the fire and rather than being destroyed, become transformed into something beautiful.  There, among saws and torches, I made the accidental discovery of my passion, my purpose. 
This was my serendipity moment.
I have logged over 7800 hours honing my skills, learning to master the craftsmanship I admired, and continue to grow and refine my craft.  With over 1,600 orders and 5 star reviews I bring this experience, and my passion, to each unique piece of jewelry I design and create by hand.  Everything is made to order with your personal sizing needs, and created utilizing raw sterling silver, gold, copper and gold fill materials.  Orders ship in 3 - 6 business days from my home studio near Seattle, WA.